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Terms & conditions

A. Rent
1st  The rent includes all vehicle-specific costs except fuel, road user charges (tolls, parking etc) and any penalties resulting from violations of the applicable traffic regulations or the rules.
2nd  Upon collection of the vehicle the agreed renting charge, deducted by the already charged down payment, must be payed cash or by credit card before starting. The security (damaging) deposit of Euro 1000,- to 2000.- depending on the requested model is to provide cash or by credit card reservation before starting.
3rd The final statement and payment must be made immediately after returning the vehicle in cash or by credit card (Maestro or Visa). Decisive for the final statement obtained by the return of the vehicle rental period, the vehicle mileage between pickup and return, any additional services (time-out, cleaning, equipment) and the joint examination of the vehicle status (any damage or signs of wear is above average).
4th  Any manipulation of the speedometer or odometer which makes a correct determination of the mileage impossible entitle the landlord to set off a kilometer daily capacity of 500 km per rental day.
5th The rented vehicle may only be driven by the tenants himself, he is liable for the acts of the persons to whom he has leased the vehicle (for whatever purpose).
6th The vehicle may only be driven on public roads, any exercise or sporting activities (formal or informal) participation in motorsport events is prohibited and not covered by insurance.
7th The tenant confirms, despite a review of its documents, to possess a valid driver's license of the appropriate vehicle class, to have sufficient driving experience (including technique training) and to have completed the 21 years of age.For rental bikes of more than 100 hp the minimum age is 24 years and sufficient driving experience. 

B. As vehicle condition / equipment / repairs
1st  The tenant assumes the vehicle is in proper condition and has regularly during the rental period to check the same. Any defects or damages to the vehicle must be reported to the landlord and are noted by the landlord in writing. Otherwise they are considered as causes of the tenant.
2nd  The vehicle is passed by the landlord fully tanked, with proper oil level and tire pressure. The tenant is responsible for using the correct fuel, all relevant information about the vehicule is in the instruction manual. The tenants has in return to refuel the vehicle again (gas stations in Anif).
3rd Before making any repairs during the lease, the landlord must be informed immediately, provided the repair costs exceed Euro 100 -. Repair bills are submitted to the landlord in the original.
4th  The tenant is advised that the vehicle is to be kept of safely during nights (garage, lockable car park) and lcoked during breaks (proper blockage of the vehicle (activation of the immobilizer).

C. Reservation / Cancellation
1st   This is considered to be legally binding if the landlord has confirmed the inquiry of the tenant in writing via mail or fax. Reservations bind the landlord only after a 30% down payment of the agreed services and not later than 2 weeks before renting or secured credit card.
2nd  For cancellations until 14 days before arrival will be charged 30% of the rental value, up to 1 week before cancellations it's 50 % , 7 days to 0 is 100% .

D. accidents / theft / reporting
1st  With each accident (also fire, damage caused by wildlife, natural phenomena, etc.) or theft immediately, the conslut the mext police station. The tenant is obliged to do all to solve all issues around a damage / accident. In the course of events in no way should the tenant make an acknowledgment of debt or share other activities that may jeopardize the insurance coverage (compared with payments, claims prejudicial).
2nd  The tenant is to complete the registration papers attached and to immediately forward a copy of the accident report in full to the landlord. He is despite a closed restriction liabile against the landlord for negligently or inaccurate statements made with reagrds to the accident.

E. Insurance / Liability / Termination
1st  The vehicle is directed against persons, property-liability insurance and property damage up to a maximum of ...... Furthermore, a fully comprehensive insurance with a deductible of Euro 1000, -. The tenant acknowledges explicitly that this cover exists only if the deductible has been deposited before delivery of the vehicle as a deposit (see Section A, 2).
2nd  The tenant is liable for damage caused by breach of the duty, gross negligence, unlawful removal from the scene of an accident, exceeding the agreed rental period (without prior agreement of the landlord) the withdrawal of driving license, impaired driving ability (drugs, alcohol, disease, overwork etc) resulting unauthorized disclosure of the vehicle to a third party, leaving the public thoroughfare, violation of the applicable traffic regulations, gross negligence (custody requirement of the vehicle).
3rd In the event of a collision damage, the landlord handles the loss with the insurer, the tenant is liable only to the deductible. A subsequent use of the tenant by the insurance or the landlord can only be made if based on breach of contract (Points A, E 2) of the insurance coverage is partially reduced or abolished.
4th  If a claim under the amount of the deductible, is charged to the tenant only by the actual loss.
5th The tenant is liable expressly for the timely payment of any motorway tolls (Vignette days) or other charges incurred during the rental period (tolls, parking, etc.), and subsequently received by the landlord as a vehicle fines or administrative penalty offenses.
6th The landlord is to immediately terminate the rental agreement entitled, if credit card processing is not redeemed, will be directed against the tenant foreclosures (which affect the lease), the vehicle is used improperly, legal rules are not observed, a further lease for unreasonable (claims frequency) obsolete is or with incorrect and / or unlawful use of the leased vehicle.
7th In the event of termination without notice, the vehicle must immediately be returned to the lessor.

F. Vehicle Return
1st The vehicle is to be returned fully tanked at the agreed time (at a gas station in Anif) and personally re-initialise by the landlord. Exceeding the rental period by more than 30 minutes, the landlord is entitled to charge the next higher rate (see price list, "full size") in the final statement. The tenant accepts with the rental of the vehicle the pick up and return time and the price list.
2nd  If the tenant wants a prolongation of the agreed time of renting during biking,  the tenant has to inform the landlord latest 2 hours before the end of the agreed time of renting by phone . If renting is more than 1 day a prolongation is only possible if the tenant informs the landlord in written form latest 24 hours before end of regular time of renting and if the landlord confirms in written form.
3rd In case of violation of the provisions of 1 and 2, the landlord is entitled to offset the damage it has suffered from loss of rental of the vehicle fully in the defaulting tenant.
4th  The vehicle is a lessor condition in which it was taken over by the tenant. In case of gross pollution a cleaning fee of euro 5 is agreed.

G. Vehicle type
1st  If the reserved and rented vehicle in not available (accident, technical damage, theft etc) is the landlord required to provide an equivalent vehicle or in agreement with the tenant a vehicle of the next series.

H. Privacy / Personal Data
1st   The tenant agrees to the storage of their data in the context of data protection. These are for the landlord to be used exclusively for settlement of any invoice against the tenant (credit cards, direct debits, for delinquent payment after 2 times warning/ collection service) to direct between landlord and tenant to defend against and / or settlement of criminal acts or clarification from the tenant concerned insurance cases. Transfer of this data is expressly prohibited by the landlord.

I. General provisions
1st  All contracts and regulations of the landlord are subject to Austrian law, excluding international reference standards. The tenant is required regardless of the note to a valid law in the country of his residence during the rental period (See Pkt.D and E).
2nd  All obligations arising from contracts between landlords and tenants apply for transfers of the vehicle by the tenant to a third party for them. You are liable jointly and severally.
3rd All these conditions and other writings of the landlord used expressions hold for women and men equally.
4th  If any provision of this contract in whole or in part, be or become invalid, this shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions.Both parties are required in such cases to replace the invalid provisions in its economic value.
5th All tours or guided tours are only recommended by the landlord. It's upon the tenant to use such reccomendations or not. All prices in this matter are price reccomendations of the single suppliers such as hotels, restaurants, guides or others. It's upon the tenant to assume such offers or others during time of rent or beyond time of rent. In any case the tenant charges such offers directly with the single supplier.
Any matters/agreements and/or payments out out of the renting contract, such as mentioned above, are not in the responsibility of the landlord. 

J. writing / Jurisdiction
1st  Verbal agreements or amendments to this contract are or contact signing this contract other than Kraft.All contractual changes, including cancellation or amendment shall be in writing.
2nd  The sole jurisdiction is the competent Regional Salzburg. If the tenant is with the Consumer Protection Act, it shall be the court with jurisdiction for the domicile of the tenant's court.

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